Bluetooth GlucoMeter with iPhone

MedApps - Tools for Better Patient Satisfaction

Last month I have been speaking at international conference about Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management. We have tried to bridge the gap between sales and regulatory requirements.

Banishment of Unlicensed Herbal Remedies in the UK

Thousands of patients in the UK facing the decision about the banning of more than 200 herbal products. For some, this decision is discriminatory and shameful. The same measures are planned for the rest of the EU in accordance with new directive from 2004 (part which concerns herbal products) - from 1 May 2011 all herbal products in the UK must be licensed or prescribed by a registered herb practitioner. This is connected with the concern over adverse events in these products.

Regulatory Affairs: The Hub of the Wheel

Pharmaceutical companies' regulatory affairs units are more vital than ever, but, traditionally, they have not been known for their flexibility. Peter Lassoff explains why this image is outdated, and how working more co-operatively with your regulatory department will help to maximize your success in the market place.

Hospital in the Home: Concept and Clinical Guidelines

Hospital in the Home (HITH) is the provision of hospital care in the comfort of the persons own home. In this patients are regarded as hospital inpatients and remain under the care of their treating doctor in the hospital, they receive the same treatment that they have been received in a hospital bed. Patients may be able to receive all their hospital care in HITH. Participation in HITH is voluntary - patients and their carers must agree to have their care provided at home. There are no additional charges to patients for being in HITH and it is available to public patients from the 43 participating public hospitals across the state.