Free eCTD Viewer

Release Announcement: FREE eCTD Viewer - Your eCTD Viewing Solution.

Mono Software and PRS today announced the release of the FREE eCTD Office eCTD Viewer - stand-alone, super-fast, easy to use Windows desktop application for viewing and understanding the granularity and the lifecycle of electronic submissions prepared in the eCTD (Electronic Common Technical Document) format.

Embrace the eCTD and Stay Ahead

As one door closes, businesses must look for their next opening. Today, the traditional strongholds of the pharmaceutical industry, the US and Europe, are witnessing a downturn in growth to around 6% a year. This is the result not only of problems in the broader economy, but also the loss of marketing exclusivity by products in a number of major therapeutic categories; lower contributions from new products because of increased scrutiny of their value; and slower take-up by doctors and healthcare systems.