20th - 22nd September 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

17th Annual Congress on Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Systems

The main theme of the conference is “A New Era technologies in Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery System” which includes the prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks...

Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems is a global platform to discuss and learn about research Advances in Drug Delivery Research, Drug Targeting and Design, Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Pre-formulation & formulation studies, Biopharmaceutics and Biologic Drugs.

20th - 21th September 2018, Munich, Germany

Drug Delivery & Formulation 2018

Event will bring together leaders and senior industry experts in formulation, delivery and product development. Presentations will assess recent technological innovations and discuss their impact on product improvement and patient experience.

Over 200+ delegates representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions.



24th - 25th September 2018, Seoul, South Korea

Orphan Drugs for Rare Diseases 2018

This year’s event will bring together government, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, non-profit organisations, orphan drugs developers as well as regional and local manufacturers.

We are putting together an agenda that address the driving macroeconomic factors, policies and issues that will steer the development of orphan drugs globally including commercialisation, policies, reimbursement, pricing and more.



23rd - 24th March 2018, Philadelphia, USA

Adaptive Clinical Trials Symposium

Adaptive Clinical Trials Symposium is designed to provide attendees with innovative solutions that will deliver drugs to the market faster and at a low cost.

Attendees will learn about creating a program development strategy that includes adaptive design. Join our fantastic, high-level speaking faculty who will tackle all of these challenges and more during this two-day event.



28th -29th June 2018, Porto, Portugal

Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management

This year’s event is designed to bring you a unique opportunity to gain fresh insights into the common issues faced in the industry, highlighting the areas with the need to focus on in order to remain compliant.

The Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management 2018 will assist in understanding the shift caused by the new requirements and in evaluating the possible impact on pharmacovigilance and risk management procedures and the need for corrective actions.


14th - 15th March 2018, Dubai, UAE

GCC Pharma Regulatory Summit

GCC Pharma Regulatory Summit is an annual event that provides an entirely new platform for information exchange. Now in its second year it brings together legislators, company regulatory, legal, compliance directors, both international and GCC experts, and consultants.

We constantly work close with the industry and authorities to create an agenda that meets participants’ needs and requirements. The summit features discussions between professionals and regulators on issues that the industry faces daily.


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